ICS provides a comprehensive package of support services called Continuing Support Services or CSS.  It includes basic software updates and patched released from time to time by ICS.  CSS services also provides a vehicle for technical support services, a service where an ICS expert can assist contracted customers if an when a complex problem arises. 

CSS technical Support is not available unless an ICS expert can connect to the system remotely.  Should the system belong to the customer of a distribution partner of ICS or of ABR Solutions, a technical representative of the distribution partner must participate in the technical support session. 

Click on Continuing Support Services to learn more about this service.  ICS will upon request develop custom support programs for customers.

In addition to upgrades and technical support, ICS provides access to a collection of presentations, technical manuals and whitepapers that may be very useful to users.  Click on Documents, Presentations, and Manuals to access this library.


Continuing Support Services

Documents, Presentations, and Manuals

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