Public Sector Example:  Access Control, Video Surveillance, Intrusion Detection, Voice Communications For Nationally Distributed System


This system is comprised of twenty seven sites spread across the entire country and spanning several thousand miles. A command center in the capital monitors and controls the entire system to include remote assistance for access and information.   

EnterpriseSMS® allows this enterprise to centralize its control over security privileges on a nationwide basis.  This is an essential requirement for such a broadly dispersed system.  Where appropriate, localized control over specific aspects of a site’s security may be granted to individuals.  This capability to provide extremely granular access to administrative functions is essential.

EnterpriseSMS® Command Stations control the entire system including remotely monitoring video, access, intrusion, and visitor access to all facilities.  The system provides voice communications with selected access points and other locations throughout the system.  Two operators manage this highly distributed system on a 7 x 24 basis.

EnterpriseSMS® thus provides a powerful solution that minimizes costs and expands the capabilities of the system to meet the operating requirements of the enterprise.   

The system includes:


System Scale:

The following components provide scale to the system.

  • Card Readers:  Approximately 750 card readers
  • Monitored Points: Approximately 600
  • Cameras: Approximately 500
  • Intercoms: Approximately 145
  • Command Stations: Two
  • Locations: 27 remote and 1 central location


Video Surveillance and Assessment At All Locations:

Extensive video surveillance and assessment functions are a part of the system.  Surveillance includes the interior and exterior of all locations and, as needed, the surrounds of the facilities.

Integrated Voice Communications:   

Integrated VoIP communications is a part of the system’s functionality.  Help stations, intercoms at doors, and communications with local and off premise telephones are integrated with the device control, video monitoring and access processes at all levels. 

Intrusion Detection and Facility Condition Monitoring:   

Intrusion detection and monitoring of many additional sensors that monitor many aspects of each facility are a part of the solution.  Many building functions are also controlled through this system.

Identity Management:

A complete identity enrollment, credential production, and visitor management function is part of this process.

Access Control At All Locations:  

This project utilizes a relatively basic access control process where 3rd party panels are integrated into a distributed solution.

Multiple Command Stations: 

Multiple command stations operate in parallel.  They provide redundant control over the system.  This is used at vehicle gates and special access points where human supervision is required as well as monitoring the system.