Managed Services

Today, Managed Services Solutions (MSS) or otherwise cloud services, are the preferred delivery mechanism for critical business functions such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), HRM (Human Resource Management), and CM (Content Management).  This delivery mechanism includes infrastructure, platform and software components of the services.  The software component of this service industry in the US is estimated by the Gartner Group to be $12.1B in 2011 growing to be 21.3B in 2015. The growth of the industry, globally, is also set to accelerate to unchartered figures reaching over $260 Billion dollars. The majority of such expenditure will be dedicated towards SaaS, and IaaS.

ABR Solutions provides highly sophisticated cloud based Enterprise Operations Management (EOM) services for real-time monitoring, control, analysis, and reporting of the data from the technologies that operate enterprises and the production of business intelligence developed from that data.  Enterprise Operations Management is the newest of the major cloud services to appear.  ABR Solutions using EnterpriseSMS® provides EOM services from the cloud. 

EOM services users may receive information about their enterprise’s operations at command centers, laptops, PDAs, and many other mobile computing devices.  EnterpriseSMS® (ESMS),the software of ABR Solutions can provide these services for industrial operations, security operations, business processes, infrastructure, and any other enterprise activity that collects and analyzes data to manage its operations.

All of these types of services are integrated together to provide an extraordinary line of sight into the total operation of the enterprise.  Real time analysis, results presentation, and systems control from anywhere are powerful capabilities that may be leveraged to enhance the enterprise’s operation.  Improved information that yields greater business intelligence and control gives the Enterprise greater agility and greater success. 

End users may include government entities (ports, airports, transportation, hospitals, defense…), industrial facilities (refineries, production, transportation, mining, power…), general business (universities, financial institutions, education, administration…), enterprises made of one-to-many smaller operations (retail, office, professional, residential…), and many other types of enterprises. 

Managed services solutions  may also be branded for distribution partners who serve markets where managed services are of interest to customers.  Fundamentally, ABR provides private cloud services for such partners.


All ABR provided managed service solutions use our infrastructure for core components. These solutions tend to be require some adaptation to meet specific customer requirements.  For these services there is a comprehensive base service package determined by the scale of the solution, the data storage and handling requirements, and additional services specific to customer requirements.  Required software  and 7 x 24 technical support services are incorporated in the basic service.  There are variable add-on services for storage and communications band width that exceed those available in the base service package.  Additional special services may be designed to fulfill specific customer requirements. 

An initialization project is the first step in providing the solution.  This project includes definition of the unique and standard capabilities desired by our customers.  The defined services are configured and made available to the customer.  When a specific package of ABR services are to be offered as branded or private cloud services, the private labeling and capabilities functionality are a part of this initialization project.