EnterpriseSMS® Capabilities

Following our vision, our system model, design, and design constraints were created to make and control the development of the software.   These constraints included global rules for transaction handling, communications practices, acceptance of interoperable and not-so-interoperable devices and applications, software design standards, and specific approaches to user interfaces.  Over time the constraints were modified based on experience with the result that a very robust, proven set of design standards were developed.  These standards are essential to the capabilities realized in ESMS as described below.

Different example of EnterpriseSMS®’s characteristics dependent on design standards follow:

  EnterpriseSMS® Is A Tool Box Of Distributable Software Components  
  EnterpriseSMS® Is Designed Around COTS Components And Products   
  ESMS is Defined By A Database  
  EnterpriseSMS® Must Be Self-Maintaining Software With Extensive Support Capabilities  
  EnterpriseSMS® Delivers User Interfaces For Real-Time Monitoring And Control  
  EnterpriseSMS® Means High Availability